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With high-performance machines, our team are more efficient providing a superior degree of workmanship offering customers better quality and accuracy at a lower cost. 5-axis enables the machining of very complex parts in a single setup, reducing lead time and increasing efficiency, translating to better work-piece quality and durability. At Hassett Precision, we understand our machines full capability and this is why we have updated our 5-axis machines with ONECnC software utilizing the machines full capabilities and complementing their abilities.

5-Axis Capability

Two 5-Axis CNC Mills & four CNC Mills:

Capacity :
X Axis – 1.6 metres
Y Axis – 800mm
Z Axis – 635mm

Four CNC Lathes : 

Capacity :
From 2mm to 400mm Dia x 1.5 mtr in length
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