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Hassett Precision Services

With over 60 Years’ experience between them Bob or Dave can offer guidance and technical solutions to customers from the initial product design, through manu­facture and on to production.

We can design and manage your project while minimizing costs to fit your budget.

Our high speed machines reduce production times and costs while providing accuracy that produce premium quality parts.

We provide quick turnaround times on large projects or one-off components, high or low volume.

We continually invest in the latest software and machinery, ensuring our customers benefit from the latest technology in the market. Our software includes Onecnc, Mastercam and jobscan, all managing the lifecycle of jobs from quotation to de­livery.
Services include 5-Axis Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, 3D Machining, Precision Prototyping, Jigs & Fixtures, Grinding, Specialist Tooling and Test Equipment.

We machine a wide variety of materials including; Stain­less Steels, Tool Steels, Alloy Steels, Aluminium, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Plastics, etc.

If required, we can also provide additional services such as wire erosion, spark erosion, heat treatment, anodizing, elec­troplating, painting, welding, fabrication etc